Atlantis Also Offers Crystal Clear Salt Water Chlorinators

Sanitize your swimming pool naturally with a salt water pool system from Atlantis!

Ends sore red eyes...softens dry skin...reduces pool maintenance 
costs...easily attaches to your existing pool equipment...
proven technology that is used worldwide.

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Eliminate the need for 
"toxic pool chlorine"...

Installing an Atlantis Natural Salt Water Pool Chlorination System means crystal clear water and a sparkling clean swimming pool at all times.

Atlantis also puts an end to sore red eyes, itchy dry skin and smelly chlorine. There's no need for the dangerous use of granular chlorine or liquid chlorine to maintain your pool.

Atlantis Salt Water Pool Sanitizing Technology almost totally eliminates sanitizing chemicals such as granular chlorine, liquid chlorine, other pool chemicals and the hazards of storing them. You'll save time and money with the peace of mind that comes from an advanced saltwater pool chlorination system, making your Atlantis Natural Saltwater Sanitized Pool an inviting lifestyle asset instead of a tedious on going liability.

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